Anoushey Ashraf receives heavy criticism on her dress

Anoushey Ashraf is a well-known Pakistani video jockey. Indus Music / MTV Pakistan was where she began her career. Her strong and fashionable attitude, as well as her excellent speaking abilities, have earned her acclaim. She has also presented a famous morning programme on Dawn TV called Chai, Toast, or Host, where she gained a lot of recognition and popularity.

Anoushey Ashraf was recently seen at an event wearing a see-through blouse and an extremely short vest. Her inner vest was plainly visible, making the combo appear strange. Fans were angry as soon as they saw her photo. Fans questioned why she was wearing such a see-through shirt. A few followers said that such persons are to blame for others’ extreme behaviour or attitudes since their wardrobe choices enrage them; they also claimed that wearing short garments does not make one contemporary. Many admirers have remarked that Anoushey is highly contemporary.

One admirer claimed that these actors are unconcerned with the criticism because they regard wearing their own outfits as the ultimate expression of independence, which is both humiliating and incorrect. Fans also requested a hate option. Many followers believe that the administration publish such images on purpose to excite the internet community. A few admirers joked that if they wore similar clothing, the Taliban would show up.

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