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Are you intelligent?

Here are some traits of intelligent people:

  1. Fast reflexes.
  2. Ability to ignore useless details. 
  3. Clarity of thought. 
  4. Ability to express emotions freely. 
  5. Ability to listen and learn. 
  6. Free thinkers. 
  7. Heightened sensitivity. 
  8. Ability to generate experiences externally and internally. 
  9. Courage to accept criticism. 
  10. Curious about information and eager to learn. 
  11. Wanting to know how and why things happen. 
  12. Intuitive. 
  13. Able to read deeply into any language. 
  14. Analytical and observant. 
  15. Thrives on intellectual conversations. 
  16. Self confident. 
  17. Do not await on any validations. 

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