Atif Aslam’s concert turns into a chaos as people get injured

Atif Aslam's concert turns into a chaos as people get injured

Atif Aslam’s Live concert was organized in Karachi on Sunday at Aladdin Park. The concert was definitely one of the most entertaining buzz around the town, because why wouldn’t it be it’s Atif Aslam we are talking about?! But, it turned into a complete unfortunate mess when a chaos erupted.

The singer was performing when the situation turned out of control and the crowd turned into a mob. While we don’t know what initially instigated this act, but unfortunately three people were left injured out of this situation.

The instance of mob event went a notch higher when the people started to circle around the singer, however, the security personnel managed to get the situation at hand in a bit of control. Fortunately, the ace singer was evacuated before the crowed could injure him any further.

While Karachi is dominated by people who love music and definitely adore Atif Aslam, such cases leave us stunned all the time as to why people will try hurting themselves for things which are clearly meant for fun.


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