Why talking about rape & marital rape results in a severe backlash in Pakistan?

Why talking about rape & marital rape results in a severe backlash in Pakistan?

Rape and marital rape are taboos in Pakistan, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are completely forbidden to talk about in this country. Whenever you talk about this topic, either you are inflicted with torturous comments on being a “feminist” or a person who needlessly advocate issues that don’t need advocacy. Mindless of the comments, rape and more prominently marital rape are the issues that still persist in this society.

If we ponder over the common behaviour that we face when confronted with this situation, the most probable answer is; “It must be girl’s fault”, “She should have seen it coming”, “She used to come late at nights, no wonder this happened”, “Her parents should have controlled her since the beginning”.

Yes, we are still not out of the mentality that “SHE CALLED IT (RAPE) ON HERSELF”. No one calls for a rape, no one wants to be molested as per their will. She did not want to get raped even if she was drunk, she did not want to get raped if she was wearing a mini-dress, she did not want to get raped if she was your girlfriend. There is nothing that could justify rape.

So, let’s start talking about how women are being forced against their will to commit to acts of sexual indulgence (even the married ones). Don’t force your daughter to cover herself from head to toe, while you are not teaching your son to respect all the other women out there. Because, if it’s not okay for women to against the Islamic teachings, then it is equally not okay for your son to go against them too.

Coming to the same act being committed in a wedlock, Islam has completely given your wife a right to deny if she doesn’t feel like indulging in your sexual desires “SOMETIMES”. Yes, we are totally not pinpointing that she has a right to deny you all the time, but she can if she doesn’t want to. “NO” means “NO” – be it your wife or someone else. So stop glorifying marital rape as the right of husband!

Stop your pure hypocrisy and patriarchal bullshit. Nowhere in scriptures, it is said that a man is allowed to force himself on his wife (which is by definition, marital rape). You still have the time to stand against and think about what rape actually means!



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