Bani – A Socially Relevant Masterpiece by Urwa Zubair


Urwa Zubair describes Bani as a love story between a father and his daughters – which seems to be a fitting description of the South Asian culture.

From The Silver Cord to Bani, real-life experiences and stories are what Urwa’s work is all about, and she is actively exploring her own curiosity about this world. She is an out-of-the-ordinary filmmaker, unraveling as many details as possible in her films.


Bani – A Story Featuring Generation Gap

A peek at Urwa Zubair’s latest concept piece, Bani takes us on a whirlwind of emotions and subtle humor. Ahead of its release, we have gathered some amazing previews about what’s set to be the most socially relevant film of the season.

Bani, the film is a coming of age, comedy-drama piece with a universal message that can touch any gender or age bracket. It hits the subject of a generation gap with a hot piece of iron – touching upon the divide among generations and gender specifically found in Middle Eastern and South Asian masses. It markets a certain type of content from the Eastern world that has villainized our culture in the past. The film is all about understanding both sides of the story without any judgment.

Upon speaking with Urwa on the ideology behind the film, she exclaimed, each generation grows up with societal conditioning that is passed on to them from the generation prior to them. There is a certain sense of pressure of following the same set of beliefs and practices and not a whole lot of encouragement to branch out and explore on their own, mostly common for women perhaps. This is the point of divide which can then stem out feelings like oppression, inequality, suppression or lack of understanding. What we tend to overlook is the intention or reasoning behind this is usually care and fear and sometimes societal validation. Bani capture these notions and make us see the world in a completely different light – a world free from influences and verdicts.

It gets even more interesting as the film paints a no towards demoralizing new and previous generations based on their outlook of life. The big message in Bani is to let go of the hatred that divides us and get a grip on understanding everyone’s perception. It is the only way to spread peace and love.


Socially Challenging Storyline

Going into the storyline of this ambitious film, the father, who is one of the leading characters, is torn between his love for daughters and his own desires. He feels enormous pressure of being judged as we all know ‘log kya kahen ge’ has stripped people from peace. The film enforces to think about how many of our own choices that we make on a daily basis stem out of our own desires versus being influenced by societal validation. That is just one of the elements in this multi-plot film. The three daughters deal with restrictions that stem out of certain conservative beliefs passed on from generations before. There is also a depiction of much ignored inequality that men in our culture face, from the different upbringing they face in the name of being ‘strong’ and different kinds of pressures that are asserted on them in the name of ‘taking responsibility of the household.’ All such nuances in the film make you ponder that nobody can be termed as ‘the wrongful one’ or ‘oppressed’ as they are all socially conditioned in one way or the other.

Bani – A Work in Progress

The plot is so exciting that we cannot wait to see the actual film! Bani is still in the development phase. Urwa along with another South Asian filmmaker based in America are working on the final touches of the script. The goal is to join the South Asian forces together and give a refreshing and non-judgmental representation of the beautiful culture we posses. We also got a hint that the production will take place in Pakistan to keep the essence of the film alive. It’s high time our country is put forward for what it really stands for!

It will definitely be worth our while to watch this next piece by Urwa Zubair.


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