Basic Gym Tips By Fitness Trainer Omer Chaudhary.

Fitness Trainer Omer Chaudhry gave few basic tips.

1. The most important rule to follow is to be consistent in order to achieve your goal.

2. Make fitness a habit as u sleep, eat or go to work, in the same way hit the gym daily.

3. Beginners must use machines for some days to get your muscles used to and after some days stick to free weights.


4. Train each muscle group once in a week.

5. Warm up your body before lifting weights to avoid injury.

6. Learn the correct form of each exercise by your trainer. Lifting heavy weights will not make your body aesthetic.


7. Be cautious, use safety belts for lower back protection.

8. Eat more calories to build muscle.

9. Eat fewer calories than your required body weight to lose fat.

10. Eat 4 to 6 meals a day.

14191624_10207476933106686_1353125659_o11. Eat higher nutritious foods like lean meats, vegetables, good fats and complex carbs. Eat lots of fruits.

12. Rome was not built in a day so be dedicated and consistent to your diet and your workouts and have a healthy life.



Aun Muhammad

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