Beware! Think twice before applying black and white henna this Eid

Beware! Think twice before applying black and white henna this Eid

Eid is incomplete without henna and since Eid day is coming closer, women are all excited to get the best design on their hands. But salon owners and beauticians have warned customers against using white and black henna.

Roshni Nijesh of Suzanna Ladies Beauty Salon said with Eid weekend, she has started seeing a rise in the number of customers. She, however, pointed out that some women still insists on using black henna.

“Since we don’t have any stock of black henna, it’s fine with us. I am concerned about the lack of awareness women have about a substance. I am told that it is carcinogenic and shouldn’t be used at any beauty salons,” she said on the sidelines of an awareness campaign.

“We have people coming from other places as we have more than 100 designs to offer and all of them are safe. We use natural henna. People should also avoid fake products,” said Roshni.

The issue started when women complained about severe burns after applying black henna. Among other side effects of black henna are blisters, redness, cuts, loss of pigmentation and even permanent scarring. In UAE women from all the cities come to Abu Dhabi to get henna but after getting these complains the beauty salon owners have warned everyone about the consequences.

“I attend all awareness classes conducted by Abu Dhabi Municipality and pass on message to my staff. We also relay the information to our customers. We use natural henna but people should be mindful of avoiding chemical substances. Fake tattoos can be harmful depending on skin and chemicals involved.”

Kunjamma said she has customers from young age to old as henna design is a must-have during Eid celebrations. “I think some of the parlours do have black henna available with them.”

Abu Dhabi Municipality has been keeping a regular checks at beauty salons for fake, expired and illegal products.

However, in Pakistan white henna has become the new trend now and people are getting all excited about it. We have still not heard complains about henna here in Pakistan. But all the salon owners and beauticians are asked to check if the products are not expired.


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