The trailer of Chain Aye Na made us so be-chain!

chain aye na

God bless the young actors and their career.

Our filmmakers are working hard day and night for the revival of Pakistani cinema and actors too are trying to give their best. 2017 is said to be the best year for cinema as this year highest number of movies are going to be released. Few days back we saw Rangreeza’s teaser, then the entertaining trailer of Na Maloom Afraad 2 was released and we are more than happy to see the progress.

While young filmmakers have set our hopes high, Ace director Syed Noor’s upcoming movie ‘Chain Aye Na’ trailer released 2 days back and the reason we hold ourselves for reviewing it, is that we thought it is some sort of a joke and soon Noor will disclose that it was just a spoof but unfortunately we all were wrong, it’s real!

It starts with an awful close up of Sarish Khan and Shahroz Sabswari. With scornful dialogues and indecent glimpse from the movie, took us in doubt about our own selves as they make zero sense, literally ZERO! Bad direction, exaggerated acting, a splash of Rooh Afza on Adil Murad’s face and what not, there is nothing which can save this movie.

With this level of work we just can’t even congratulate the actors Sarish and Shahroz, who are making their debut on big screen. The film is set for release in July 2017.


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