Bebo Soon To Be Mummy, Good Luck!

Where is  Kareena Kapoors Baby Bump?

Kareena Kapoor is a gorgeous Diva from Bollywood, she’s an Indian actress who has appeared in over 50 Bollywood films she married Saif Ali Khan in October 16, 2012. The couple said they are not planning any baby but Kareena Kapoor has put on so much weight which clearly indicates she’s expecting a baby. Kareena has never put on that much weight we can predict she will soon deliver a baby Best of luck BEBO!

Fit moms never get that much weight they can hide their pregnancy, Doctors says. Bebo managed keeping the secret of her pregnancy but her sudden chubby face says it all.

but her sudden chubby face says it all. What so ever Bebo is beautiful & will look gorgeous in every style.kk kkk


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