Is Kate Middleton facing anorexia?


Recent rumors state that Kate Middleton is facing anorexia and the Duchess of Cambridge is allegedly enduring a health scare. Despite the “royal insiders” claiming Princess Kate is anorexic, the Duchess of Cambridge is NOT battling an eating disorder.

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Kate Middleton glided back into the limelight after giving birth to both Prince George and Princess Charlotte looking as perfect in shape as ever before, with this latest round of royal rumors, the National Enquirer claims Kate is battling anorexia. “She’s suffering big time… Kate’s consulting a leading British medical expert expressed, who is treating her for the early stages of anorexia,”

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It’s no secret Kate Middleton spent a ton of money of regaining her post-baby body back after giving birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Personal trainers, dieticians, and even the help of Carole Middleton helped the Duchess bounce back to her toned body. Of course, being fit to begin with always helps, too. Not to mention the impact of breastfeeding. However, that doesn’t mean Kate Middleton has broken under the pressure of royalty, by all accounts Kate strives to maintain her great physical shape, but does not have an eating disorder.



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