Becky’s future in acting

Becky's future in acting

By: Yusra Arain

David Beckham has made a big move from the soccer field to the big screen but his infamous acting in King Arthur-Legend of the Swords movie that came up recently is raising some doubts about his future in acting.

He made his debut two years ago in the movie “The Man,” from the Uncle, but his role was really short appearing in only two shots. Whereas, his part in the director’s next film, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, he’s front and center. However in terms of quality, Beckham’s performance is not up to the mark.

The moment itself is rather brief, but being part of the essential moment where Charlie Hunnam’s brawler-cum-ruler actually pulls the sword from the stone is impossible to miss. Beckham plays Trigger, the British soldier in charge of shepherding the hundreds of young men Jude Law’s King Vortigern has rounded up for, testing on Excalibur in the hope of finding the crown’s true heir. His co-workers have some positivity.

Talking to Sky News, Ritchie said “He was fantastic, I love old Becky. He is a fabulous actor and a real pleasure to be with”

However after the films’ disastrous performance, the man himself has some second thoughts about this field. “I haven’t taken a step into acting, this is just doing something with someone I love as a friend and director. He said just come down and have a little bit of fun. It’s not a new career but working with Charlie was a real laugh and something that was incredible to be a part of.”


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