Belly so much that it over flows?



Why in the world does your stomach look like a watermelon when you always had a very flat stomach?

If you have bothersome belly fat, then you probably already know how stubborn it can be.  You’ve probably read all kinds of articles and books about blasting belly fat.  You’ve probably tried at least several diets, but the belly fat persisted.

If you want to lose the stomach fat, and actually uncover those abs, you’ve got to take a more total-body approach.

While diet and exercise will get you damn close to your physique goals, living a healthier lifestyle is what may finally get you the body you want. Lifestyle factors, such as stress, sleep, and relaxation are so important because they affect your hormonal system, which controls nearly every process in your body

Your move: Learn to more effectively manage what stress you do have, and be willing to cut things out of your life that are constant unnecessary stressors.


Fareeha Imdad

Assistant Editor/ Columnist, Existentialist, Shopaholic, Feminist killjoy,

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