High Time To Stop Pleasing People!


There are times when you do things that you never want to do, but you do it just for the sake of others, why? Because, you think you are obliged to things for that person who doesn’t even matter the most in your life. Why underestimating yourself? Why depending on others? You deserve so much better. It will be hard for you to stop pleasing people but there will be a time you would feel proud. Let’s just try practicing few things and make yourself bold and a better person.

unhappy portrait young woman with board NO

1 – Simply learn to say no and don’t feel guilty about it.



2- Express yourself and simply don’t care about what others would think.



3- Don’t apologize for things you haven’t done, simply don’t.



4- Self-caring is better than not caring for yourself at all.



5- Love yourself, be happy. You don’t need anyone’s validation.



6- Quit over-thinking and move on.



7- You can simply not make everyone happy, so live your life and forget about others.



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