This Bollywood actress confirmed her affair with Shah Rukh Khan

This Bollywood actress just confirmed having an affair with Shah Rukh Khan

Saha Rukh Khan who we all know is married to Gauri Khan since the day he entered the film industry. But still we get to know about his link-ups with his fellow co actors.

Recently, we came to know that SRK had an affair with Priyanka Chopra.

PC who is busy promoting her film ‘Baywatch’ recently appeared on a show Dirty Laundry, where Priyanka spoke about the one item of clothing that has stayed with her through the years. She took out a brown leather jacket and said that it was her favourite and she wears it to the airport all the time because its really comfortable. She further said that it belonged to her ex boyfriend and when the host asked her how it’s still with her, she added, “Things get exchanged. But this one I really really loved because it kind of became mine. It stopped being his like after it stayed back in my house once and I just kind of wore it.”

Soon after the episode, people started comparing that jacket with the brown leather jacket that Shah Rukh Khan has been pictured wearing multiple times, and that the jacket actually belongs to SRK.

Also, a Twitter user shared the post on her timeline and Priyanka reportedly liked that post and soon un-liked it.


If you haven’t seen the episode as yet, have a look:


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