Boost Your Concentration And Memory With These Foods


Having Monday blues the whole week? Having trouble concentration on your work? Well, food makes you focus on things pretty nicely. Check out this list of food which will boost your concentration and memory.

1- Coffee

Coffee improves your focus by alerting the areas in the brain responsible for all the hard-work. Planning, monitoring and concentration. Hence, it’s always coffee time peeps.


2- Whole Grains

With some coffee have some whole grains, it contains Carbohydrates that can be the fuel for your brain. Feed a good amount of whole grains to make keep yourself boosted throughout the day.


3- Eggs For a lot of people eggs are the main source of energy. Eggs have choline which is good for memory and other neurological functions.


4- Dark Chocolate

It is said that if you eat chocolate once a week, you can perform and focus really really well. Avoid sugar and milk chocolate and make 70% Dark Chocolate your best friend.


5- Berries

Berries contain chemical known as anthocyanin. It helps in boosting memory functions and also berries are healthy, keep munching.


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6- Walnut

Keep handful of walnuts to munch on. It won’t make you fat, in-fact it will boost your memory and concentration.                                 walnuts-whole-and-shelled-facebook

7- Broccoli

If you are health conscious and also want to keep yourself all focused and concentrated then add Broccoli in your daily routine. It choline and vitamin K that can help improve your memory.





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