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Breakup Rules!

  1. Don’t use a rebound relationship to deal with your breakup. The few days of relief are not worth the vulnerability that comes attached to it. 
  2. Sometimes, time does not heal you. However, it enables you to see things with clarity. Never give up on yourself during the initial days. 
  3. Loneliness and attachments should never be the reason why you keep going back to the same person.  
  4. Self love is an essential. It helps you decide what is good for you and embrace a point which allows you to feel stable. 
  5. Do not attach yourself to the “good” memories by foreseeing the red flags. 
  6. Your self worth will be resurrected once you speak to family and friends and realise how much you mean to them. 
  7. Focus on things that make you happy not the toxic restrictions that came with that relationship. 

Until next time. 

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