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Healing in relationships

When we are associated with someone or intend to share our lives with one person, there is something we all should know. Life is not always rainbows and butterflies, there will always be bad days and sometimes they will make you feel like giving up and just putting and end to all things. 

In moments of difficulty, it is essential to remember the reason that you both decided to spend your life together, small hardships can always make you feel drained and disappointed. It is not easy to always be perfect and you don’t have to. As humans, we are allowed to feel things, embrace emotions and not agree with what our partner thinks and feels. In such moments, you must remember, even though you might be hurt or sad, you should always be kind. 

At the end of the day, the person you love, plan to share your life with also has feelings and they might feel twice as worse, putting you through something that hurts you. Remember to always deal with it with compassion in your heart and patience in your soul. 

When you remain positive during difficult times, it brings forth new opportunities for you to grow together and individually. It makes room for communication and trust building rather than sitting there and tearing each other down for the tiniest mistake. Both of you must remember not to do something that may hurt your bond and let petty issues be petty and not turn them into something major that is irreversible and you lose a bond with someone you love, over this. 

Healing plays a key role in any relationship. We know how to heal individually but try making amends and create a space for such things with your partner. You are bound to flourish and remain happy. 

Take my advice, tried and tested!

Until next time. 

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