Bushra Ansari Talks About Her Divorce


Bushra Ansari a legendary actress and a true asset for Pakistan, has been a part of the Pakistani media industry for decades. It was revealed last year that Bushra Ansari separated from her husband Iqbal Ansari, a director and a producer. The news spread like wildfire causing an enormous upheaval.

In a recent discussion with Mira Sethi, Bushra Ansari revealed her and her husband’s struggle with the process of considering a divorce and the circumstances that led her to make the biggest decision of her life.

“Divorce is a solution to come out of the bad patch of your life. I took the decision after 36 years of my marriage, I had the right to divorce. My father did this for me, that my daughter can divorce whenever she wants. So, I have another status, I am not the one who has been divorced by somebody I gave him the divorce” said Bushra Ansari

“But till the time we realized that there is something wrong, which happens when two intelligent people face each other and many things happen, so by the time, we realized that it’s getting difficult, children were going to school” Bushra added further

“Whenever I used to get tense, I used to think whether this situation is better or the one after this will be better, and if the situation afterward isn’t better then, this situation is okay. Because I had daughters and I used to think that what if someone disturbs them because I might make another mistake. I used to think that in this situation one person is worried but in the other case, three will get disturbed. So, in this way, we made it work for 36 years.” said Bushra while talking about her thought process throughout these years.

“When the children got married and they became parents themselves then came a point when we thought of giving relief to each other”

Marriage in itself is a path strewn with flowers as well as thorns. For some, the flowers are worth the thorns, while for others the thorns are entirely much too painful. Bushra Ansari is just one of the millions of women who choose their duty as mothers and daughters in law or daughters to safeguard the mental stability and respect of their families by staying in an unhappy marriage. However, if all is said and done and there is no happiness to be had, and circumstances are too difficult to bear, a divorce is a healthier option allowing the two parties to lead separate lives and be civil with each other. Civility while being apart, truly is better than quarreling under the same roof.

We wish Bushra Ansari and her ex husband well and pray that their new beginnings offer them the peace they seek.


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