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Celebrities lash out at authorities as Karachi drowns!

A crowd of celebrities has taken to Twitter, calling out incompetent government officials, both past and present, for their neglect of the biggest and most populated city of Pakistan, Karachi.
According to the meteorological department, the rainfall this August has shattered 89-year-old records for the city of Karachi. According to official statistics, some 45 people lost their lives since the spell hit on Aug. 6. Armed forces personnel and civilian rescue agencies’ workers used rubber boats as part of their rescue operations to save the stranded people throughout the city, which according to Meteorological Department, has been victim to a 120% more rainfall, compared to the last year.

The Pakistani government has been given a reality check yet again of how their beloved country is bleeding and still lacking in ways that we shouldn’t even have to worry about. The parts of Karachi that are still flooded, have either recently been developed or have been for years, and any such area should not be going through the torture and sheer disgrace that they have had to go through each Monsoon in this forgotten city.

The havoc wreaked this monsoon is a recurring phenomenon and if the authorities thought this year was going to be any different, they were sorely mistaken. One of the highest valued areas in the metropolitan city, Defence Housing Authority (DHA), has proven to everyone that proper planning into something as basic as a drainage system is a concept lost on these so called developers, when working on a city like Karachi.

Naturally, severe backlash was all that the government was going to face, as a response to this gross negligence. Pakistani celebrities are demanding that the authorities in Karachi get doing to some serious damage control while the authorities are procrastinating, nowhere to be found or playing down the situation in attempts to save face and failing hopelessly at it, by the looks of it.

Celebrities and everyday civilians are all demanding accountability. It’s about time these so called authorities rise up to the challenge posed by this natural disaster or kiss their power and influence goodbye as the drowning city of Karachi and its inhabitants will not stay mum any longer!

Karachi requires instant attention and all the relief it can get. Preparation for future disasters must be the top priority for Pakistan’s government, to avoid another episode of #KarachiSwims! The true destruction caused by this disaster can only be measured once this torture is over.


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