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Chaiwala aka Arshad Khan QUITS showbiz

A man does not make his destiny: He accepts it or denies it.

We wouldn’t have ever surmised that this throught-provoking quote could turn out true for the blue-eyed, social media sensation and the uber-gorgeous Arshad Khan aka Chaiwala. From becoming a media sensation, to bagging multiple modelling contracts at once, to even taking his looks across the border, this Chaiwala has literally done and dusted every attention seeking tactic in a very short span of time.

Lo, all good things must come to an end! So, has the journey of Chaiwala reaching heights. Alas, Arshad Khan has decided to au revoir the life of glitz and glamour.

While speaking to the media, Chaiwala’s manager Abdullah stated:

“Arshad’s appearance in a recent photo shoot and Muskan Jay song Beparwai did not go down well with his family and peers.” 

Let’s not forget that Arshad came under extensive fire for being so intimate with the singer, when in the first place he termed such actions as non-religious.

“Since Arshad has quit showbiz, he looks set to return to the Islamabad dhaba he used to work at prior to his tryst with fame,” added the manager.

However, there might be a ray of hope as Abdullah has revealed that the social media star might be interested in pursuing his career in journalism, as it is the only profession his family allows him to pursue.

Nonetheless, this decision may have shattered many hearts (read:girls), but we wish this blue-eyed tea seller with short-lived fame, a prosperous and happy journey ahead.

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