Clooney’s Wife Too Good for Cindy Crawford?

Amal Alamuddin dint show up for the Party 

By : Mehreen Ahsaan

George Clooney threw a huge party on Halloween  night  it was a starry night but there was still something missing   and that would be George Clooney’s wife, Amal Alamuddin. The Casamigos party was celebrated with Clooney’s tequila of the same name. Gerber was on hand for the Casamigos party with his wife Cindy Crawford. Rande and Cindy were dressed as Harley riding Hell’s Angels bikers and their costumes were very well done.clooney pic

All in all, the Casamigos party was a huge hit and everybody who is anybody in Hollywood showed their face. Well, everyone but the host’s wife was not to be found during the party thrown by George Clooney and Rande Gerber. Amal has taken some heat recently over rumors that she doesn’t care for the company of Cindy Crawford. It makes sense that Alamuddin might steer clear of events where Cindy might make an appearance.

Even though Amal Alamuddin keeps up with fashion and always stays put together, she acts appalled that anyone would want to talk about it. Maybe that is why Clooney’s wife opted out of the Casamigos bash.



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Cindy Crawford has reportedly been trying her hardest to befriend George Clooney’s wife, if for nothing else than to make her husband happy. Unfortunately Amal Alamuddin doesn’t seem to care much about keeping the peace. Instead, it looks like Alamuddin would rather keep her distance and miss out on silly things like Halloween parties.



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