This coffee brew keeps you awake for 18 hours straight


Coffee is more like a fuel for body; for most of us, it is the main important thing to keep us going all day long, so that we perform well. To keep our days active, Baristas in Australia have created a brew that’s so strong it can keep you awake for 18 hours.

The super-brew is a mixture of various elements; four espresso shots, two different strengths of cold brew, and milk. To name it different, a café in Adelaide, Australia has named it  “Ass-kicker.”


This brew has 17 times more coffee than any other coffee that we consume. Well, it is 80 times more than a straight shot of espresso. Because, Ass-kicker contains 5,000 milligrams of caffeine, which is more than maximum amount of consumption of an individual.

Because Ass-kicker comes with a health warning, no matter how much of a foodie or experimentalist we all are, we should stick to our regular cuppa joe to kill the caffeine addiction.



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