Coke Studio Next Episode to Break All the Viewership Records

imageYes, this is it.The next episode of Coke Studio will feature the legendary Amjad Sabri Shaheed. It’s sad and devastating to imagine that Amjad Sabri is not here to witness his own promise but we can imagine that pure insanity and magic he brings through his Qawwali.

Amjad Sabri presented the work of his father and uncle in a new light, which helped the younger generation connect to qawwali, something which had not happened earlier. ‘Tajdar-E-Haram’, ‘Mera Koyi Nahi Teray Siwa’ and ‘Bhar Do Jholi’ were some of the works of the renowned Sabri family which were sang in a more different and unique way by Amjad Sabri.

Forty years ago, Ghulam Farid Sabri and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan performed ‘Aaj Rang Hai’ at some Dargah. In 2016, Amjad will replace his father and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will replace his uncle. They both will perform this song after forty years on coke studio.

Next week will be Amjad Sabri’s first and the last Coke Studio appearance. “Aaj Rang Hai” is the song we all have been waiting for. And as he used to say always:

“Laut ker main na jaounga khaali..”

Amjad Sabri’s latest performance will leave every eye in tears and every heart sobbing; for he was loved and cherished by all. Friends, family members and colleagues described him as someone who was kind-hearted. Amjad Sabri was undoubtedly the face of Pakistan’s qawwali music and he will be sorely missed for his contributions.


Fareeha Imdad

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