In conversation with Maram & Aabroo – Stylist & Photographer

FHM: Tell us about your successful journey, how did you step into this field?
MA: We started doing makeup and photography while we were at Kinnaird College. We had no training, but a lot of love, curiosity and growing ambition for this field. It was a very popular trend in our women’s college to get your modeling-like portfolio made. We found out later that those photos were actually for ‘rishtas’ to find a suitable groom. That trend peaked our interest in putting our hobbies together and working as a duo, it helped us raise our pocket money and let us learn by trial and error. We persevered under pressure and even landed a job opportunity as photographers in Abu Dhabi. We’ve been extremely lucky to have the eventual support of our families to help make our dream come true.


FHM: Who do you consider your inspiration?
MA: There are so many artists who we love, but Annie Leibovitz and Mario Testino are our biggest inspirations.

FHM: What is the most enjoyable, photography or styling?
MA: We love fashion photography and makeup for magazine editorials. This is where creativity has no limits and the concept does not merely subject to being pretty.

FHM: What was the reaction of your family when you decided to choose this field?
MA: We were 17, when we started expressing an interest in this field and our families have had an active part in our journey since then. When we were in college they let us have the bedroom converted into a studio and they also helped us in getting the camera and makeup that we needed. However, they were expecting us to choose this field but still hoped that we would rather go towards the cooperate sector and do a simple job. After turning 22, when we had finished our Master’s degree and had also given job hunts at banks and ad agencies a try, we finally decided to start our own business. At the beginning we met some anger and confusion, but eventually both our parents gave in and gave us unconditional support.

FHM: Do you give training sessions?
MA: We do give lessons for makeup. Starting right from one on one sessions ranging from personal grooming to professional bridal and fashion makeup courses. We give them all.

FHM: After achieving so much in the field, is there anything that you still wish for?
MA: The wish list keeps on growing with each passing day for us and we both wish for continuous growth and learning which is essential in every field.

FHM: How do you describe the current scenario of the fashion industry?
MA: The current scenario definitely has to be the lawn fever that has been raging in the fashion industry. Designers, models, makeup artists and photographers are all working towards meeting launch deadlines. Spring/Summer, SS two, Eid, winter volume one and two are a few of the collections they are working towards. This has not only consumed the industry for the whole year, but the designers do not have the time to spare to make something avant-garde and we in turn do not get to work on dramatic themes in fashion photography. At least not often enough.

Rapid Fire

FHM: Favourite model?
MA: Anam Malik

FHM: Favourite color?
MA: White

FHM: Favourite food?
MA: Too many to list

FHM: Friend from industry?
MA: FahadHussayn

FHM: Favourite place to live?
MA: Home

FHM: Favourite designer?
MA: FahadHussayn

FHM: Are you brand conscious?
MA: No

FHM: Describe yourself in one word?
MA: Rare

FHM: Any desires?
MA: Plenty

FHM: Favourite quote?
MA: ‘The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.’

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