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This couple did the unthinkable and caught social media attention worldwide

This couple did the unthinkable and caught social media attention worldwide

Living in a country like Pakistan, the more guests you serve the more respect you gain, considering the amount of money you spent at the occasion whether its a wedding or a death. Hence we, Pakistanis, are locked in a battle to see and win the highest respect in calling upon the most number of guests with lavish dining and location. However, amongst that war came out a young couple who went over heels doing the unthinkable.

Breaking stereotypes, the couple went out spending every penny of their wedding expense for the sake of charity. They canceled their dream wedding just to donate all the money to those who are needy.

Having people like Shehzaan and Zainab Chunara is a delight – the young couple who went against all odds. They said, “We began tallying up expenses and started to think it wasn’t worth putting that much money toward something that would only last a few days.”

Something didn’t quite feel right. We wanted to use the money for something that will have a lasting impact.”

There are certain things that catch every eye by surprise when scrolling down your social media profile home page. But, this had to be one of the most delightful and positive things I have come across in ages. An act that could not be left unappreciated, nor unnoticed. Thank you Shehzaan and Zainab Chunara for being role models for the current, upcoming and especially the elder generation of Pakistan.

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