Fashion scandal: A-list designer vs imitators

Fashion scandal: A-list designer vs imitators

It is that crazy time of the year when things are blown out of proportion and there is a frantic search for lawn.

From the army of lawn producers, Elan is one that we all look forward to buying.

Elan has introduced gorgeous line of straight kurtas with charismatic detail in Ghazal vital Autumn/Winter collection. With perfect festive theme and traditional style, the collection reminds us of bygone era.

Due to the challenge of making it even better and unique, Khadijah Shah has issued a letter in order to protect their exclusive designed fabrics stating that strong action will be taken against all imitators including shopkeepers and online retailers selling replicas.

Fashion scandal: A-list designer vs imitators

It is very difficult for the designers to bring any sort of legal pressure on the copycats as everyone can’t afford designers clothes/lawn, ultimately you cannot put your energy into chasing replicators. It’s better to put your energy into creating something fresh and groundbreaking because what matters in the end is the impact of a design. If a designer is able to take something and make it their own, that is one thing, but their work should not obviously be just a version of someone else’s ideas.


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