All day I dream about sports (Adidas)

Adidas is one the largest manufactures & designers of shoes, Its the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world.

Now Adidas has launched a new product a disposable shoe. i have never felt the need for a disposable shoe. But there are others who find this product most intriguing. The idea of a lightweight running shoe which you can throw away instead of cleaning is appealing to many.

The show is very appealing and it sounds so much cooler because its made from an innovative material called “Spider silk” The sneakers can worn for up to two years before decomposition, which is a lot of running time. After the shoe has run out of its purpose you can simply dispose it in the sink, everything but the sole of the shoe will disappear down the drain. When the life of the shoe is spent , it is submerged  in to sink water and a digestive enzyme (proteinase) is added to the mix. within 36 hours of soaking the protein based yarn is liquefied and can be poured down the drain.

whats most attractive about about the production is its light weight form. For runners lightweight shoes are very important and usaully they are pretty expensive. In addition some light weight shoes may wear out quickly creating the need for constat upgrades. The need to replace disposable shoes will be just the same as normal sneakers but at a much lower cost to consumers.

Such products are going to pave the way to the future with their futuristic appeal and low cost production, they will be the future for a greener cleaner world..


Uneeb Khan Yousufzai

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