Dazzle with bigger eyes

Dazzle with bigger eyes
  1. De-puff bags: Drain the morning puffiness swallowing your peepers with a cool shot – from submerging your face in ice cubes and cucumber, to dabbing cold eye drops around the eye area.
  1. Brighten dark circles: Shadows will set your eyes back, literally. Colour correct dark circles with an illuminating concealer a shade slightly lighter than your foundation to lift and brighten.
  1. Always curl your lashes: This instantly lifts lashes and therefore widens your eyes.

  1. Brighten the waterline: While black liner inside the lower eyelids will close your eyes, a brightening neutral shade will open them.
  1. Contour the crease: As you would shade your cheeks to give them definition, contour your eyelids to give them secret shape. Sweep an eye shadow shade slightly darker than your natural skin tone along the crease of your eyelid.
  1. Highlight the inner corners: Apply a touch of iridescent shadow or highlighter to the inner corner of your eyelids (near the tear ducts) and below the arches of your brows. This will instantly open your eyes making them appear wider.
  1. Frame your eyes: Never underestimate the importance of maintaining a strong brow shape – they’re the coat hangers of your face! Have them professionally shaped and try the catwalk model trick of brushing them up to open your eyes.

  1. Use lengthening mascara: Mascara is the magic wand for making eyes look bigger and if you use only one product make it this, but try a lengthening formula over a thickening one.
  1. Draw fine lines: Draw your liner as close to the upper lashline as possible and don’t enclose your eyes by lining all the way around – especially at the bottom.

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