Pakistani weddings are unquestionably the best time occasions and festivities to join in. Everybody swaggers out in their astonishing outfit, and huge families assemble prepared for the coordinated disarray that accompanies wedding arranging.

Pakistani weddings are comprised of a progression of celebratory occasions – all of which complete the conjugal bundle with a bit of ‘chatkhara’. When the wedding season shows up, arrangements start all around for ladies and grooms to be.

The Pakistani wedding function is unquestionably delighted in considerably more eagerly by British Asians, who have remained consistent with their social roots. Go to any British Pakistani wedding and you will feel right comfortable with the food, moving, and masti.

Starting from the hall that the desi family will always book. first, they will go and take rates of every single hall they find and then they will shortlist those which were low in price and were okok in looks, and then they will book the one which was finalized in the bigning. after that our relatives will come in and always ask you one thing that how much you paid for the hall and then any price you tell them even if its the lowest price in the whole country they will still say that this is expensive we would have told you cheaper than that like where were you when we were booking.

Then coming towards food at weddings you will always find the traditional dishes of Pakistan there featuring Biryani, Qorma, karahi, halwa, naan, and these kinds of other stuff. and remember we are talking about traditional weddings so how can you forget the problems with food that our relatives will find out. they will start from quantity, ohh they gave more food to others and then when they will get food then they will say the food is so tasteless. and when leaving the hall they will not even give you a gift or something but yeah their advice that next time keep more food and also book a good hall this is so bad and blaa blaa blaa.

Besides that, there are many other problems that we face at desi weddings. like that one child who is always crying in the middle of every ceremony and that one unti who is always up for a dance or that one uncle that will take you to the dance floor and then force you to dance to a very bad song that you don’t even know how to dance on it.

but still, these are the moments that are always memorable.


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