All about Pakistan super league you should know

Pakistan super league

As the T20 world cup is going to happen in some time so the best topic to talk about these days is cricket. as I have talked about cricket in my previous blog I will talk about some specific branches of cricket and talking about cricket so the best form of cricket is one and only T 20 cricket as it is the most known and loved cricket of all time.

If we talk about the T20 series so there is not much series in a year that we can enjoy. because it becomes very costly for authorities to bring all the good t20 teams together to play a series so only after 3 years do we get to see the t20 world cup where every team combines and plays against each other.

To counter that inia came with their league IPL where they call the best players from the world and then distribute them into teams and play t20 matches. this league takes place every year. but as a Pakistani, we wanted our own league as Pakistani players are not allowed to play ipl so PCB (Pakistan cricket board) came with our own Pakistani league PSL (Pakistani super league) on 9 September 2015.

In this, we call players all around the world and distribute them into 6 teams, and then they compete again each other. firstly psl used to be UAE but now the whole PSL is played in Pakistan.

There have currently been six seasons of the PSL. Islamabad United has the 2 titles, being the most successful team of PSL. The current defending champions are Multan Sultans, who won the 2021 season.

The PSL is played in a double round-robin format. Every team plays each other twice and the top four advance to the Playoffs.

The league follows the rules and regulations dictated by the International Cricket Council, although it introduced the DRS system in the T20s which was later emulated by International Cricket Council as well. In the group stage, two points are awarded for a win, one for a no-result and none for a loss. In the event of tied scores after both teams have faced their quota of overs, a super over is used to determine the match-winner. In the group stage teams are ranked on the following criteria:

  1. A higher number of points
  2. If equal, better run rate
  3. If equal, the highest number of wins
  4. If equal, fewest losses
  5. If still equal, the results of head to head meeting

In any playoff match in which there is no result, a super over is used to determine the winner. If the super over is not possible or the result of the over is a tie, the team which finished in the highest league position at the end of the regular season is deemed the winner of the match.

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