‘There is a difference between prostitute and rebel’ – Waqar Zaka

‘There is a difference between prostitute and rebel’ - Waqar Zaka

As the world mourns the Qandeel Baloch, remembering her on her first death anniversary, TV host Waqar Zaka took yet another opportunity and went aboard his Facebook profile to give his ever enlightening thoughts on the people ‘glorifying’ ‘unnecessarily’ Qandeel.

Zaka, famous for his controversial statements and stunts, claimed that Qandeel was a prostitute and there was no moral ground to say that she stood for women empowerment.

While also condemning her murder, the host mocked people for their excitement over new TV serial that is said to depict Qandeel’s life in a condoning manner.

Zaka seemed very confident about his allegations against the late model. “Does women empowerment mean selling your body in Dubai?” Zaka added.


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