Differences attract!


Have you ever imagined what if men and women belonged to two different planets utterly living in their own zones and happy not knowing the other specie. Then years after exploring love, they came in contact. Men and women are different from exactly just how aliens are. They have their own space, nature, likes and dislikes, strategies to cope with stress as well as the way to express gratitude and love.

Men feels like empowered when he thinks a woman needs him.To think that a man is not needed is a slow death for him. His idea of love is entirely different from females. Women show care and adores to nurture their relationship. Whereas men are not always in favour of communicating in distress. They like to stay at peace and isolation until the issue is fixed. Women talk when their problems arise, they are motivated when they feel charished. Therefore, males and females tend to adopt different strategies.

As we discussed earlier expression of love for men and women as it is for their stress management. But the beauty of this is how they both complete each other being utterly different. They balance out the extremes. Some of us don’t comprehend these differences because they know to receive not give but that can be easy only by validating and acknowledging our differences. It’s beautiful to think and discover someone other than us.

It can turn out magical, and things can last, only if we remember our differences.


Aleena Salman

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