Dilwale – without Dil


Dilwale (Quick Review): This film is the epitome of bad cinema. This film personifies what trashy cinema is. It’s the absolute worst! There is nothing that works ( expect for maybe the intensity that SRK-Kajol brought ). The script is a joke, the screenplay, the sets, there is nothing that WORKS! From the word go it’s a nightmare and it only intensifies with each frame and by the time the film ends you are like why?


Not that I was expecting a world class film from Rohit Shetty as I’m well aware of his brand of cinema but this film is a new low even for him! I mean he’s given us solid entertainers like the Golmaal series which I believe is a great comedy franchise. It was always expected that logic and reasoning would have to take a back seat but the film challenges your intellect to the point that it is just amazing how much these film people take the audience for granted. For instance we all know that the ending of a masala film is supposed to have a good vs bad fight but atleast make some effort to make the villain look bad so that the fight makes sense! Everything in this film has been taken for granted and no effort has been made by anyone to prof check this film full of blunders.


When this film was announced in Jan 2015 with a Dec 2015 release I was excited as such a huge film would be made in a record time and would set new benchmarks. But after seeing the mess I understand how it was even possible to make this stupidity in the time it was made in!

I’m dead sure, not saying this just for the sake of making a statement, that Rohit and team just had a one liner story in mind and every scene was improvised like the never ending Indian saas bahu sagas. Obviously there was some pre production but most of it was just last minute tips by Rohit’s assistants ‘ sir do this, Acha lagay ga” sir lets do this, screen par sahi lagay ga’

The only saving grace of the film is the evergreen jodi of SRK and Kajol who successfully deliver as two individuals. Other then that it’s a shame what this film is! Varun Dhawan is the new age Govinda and well he’s successfully building his brand as an actor. I’m not saying I like his performance , just saying how he has been consistently improving his comedy with every film!  Had the story not been full of blunders he would have won more accolades. Had the stupid story supported him his comedy would not have fallen flay. It’s all due to the situations which are a joke. Specially the confrontation with his best friend. Like seriously What the **** !

To sum it up this film is a disaster of epic proportions which is only bearable courtesy the chemistry of SRK-Kajol ( even there chemistry falls flat at times thanks to the joke that is the story)

Source: Momin Ali Munshi


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