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Disciplined kids of 90’s v/s Demanding kids of 20’s

Difference between both the “D” words disciplined and demanding actually describes the kids of total different time era one from past and other from present. Both the words are actually antonyms to each other which tell how huge difference there is between 90’s and 20’s child. It’s pretty much clearer that how tough it is to raise a child today than it was in the past which was way more easier to handle the child.
If i talk economically, the parents have to struggle a lot to bear the expenses a child has including his education and other basic needs. Whereas in past, everything was much more cheaper and easier to get. Be it their food, clothing, career, education and choice of sport, they are now more choosy. For instance a child knows more brands than his parents.
Today’s kids are born in a digital world where everything is just a click away. They found an easy way in almost whatever they does. They gets knowledge from the gadgets they use, not from his parents or mentors. They are much more practical for deciding their good and bad themselves. We the 90’s kids had simple future goals in the past and guess what who used to decide those, our parents. There were less choices or maybe the parents were not much aware of the choices and that’s why they used to tell us what are we desire to be. Either it was a teaching job or doctor for a girl or pilot for a boy and unfortunately those kids had to do that. But today’s child is so sharp and knows his interest. They pursue the field that they decide whether its of guitarist, teaching, gardening or something else. Now they are more focused on pursuing their passion rather than just earning. The best thing is that the parents support them with their choices. It helps them to be confident enough for making decision in their life. This is the reason today’s child is much more intelligent. They are smart and creative enough to decide their future.
Today’s kid is a lot more ambitious and knows what they needs to achieve in life because everything is just a click away. The amount of gadgets they use helps them knows the world from a very young age. But if I say about the negative aspects they gets mature really fast. The diet is not that healthy the way it should be. The age where a kid needs to be nourished, he eats fast food that he shouldn’t which in future gives him really bad health issues. Parenting techniques have totally been changed. In past only fathers used to work mostly but now both the parents are working parents.
This drastic change that has come in our lives is all because of the technology kids are provided with. Their learnings are all from the digital world. Instead of going out and enjoy with their friends they prefer to sit at home and either watch a movie or chat with friends. The physical interaction has totally been demolished and disturbed. This is the reason we now have less communication level left behind. Since the life is now changed in 20’s for the kids. It is for sure because of the digital world we have stepped in.

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