Diy For Home Decor


“Do It Yourself” means exactly what it says… This one is pretty amazing, unique and a great way to decorate your home with a customized touch. As beautiful as the result seems the process is much easier and fun to do with no added perks to it.


Thing you need:

• Mason jars/ or any glass jar
• Different cut out of lace of your choice
• Spray can (color of your choice)
• Ribbons, vines, shells or anything to decorate.
• Scotch tape


Firstly and mostly, wash the jars properly and let them dry so there are no smudges or residue of dirt on it. After cleaning it up, take a piece of lace and wrap it around the jar attach a small piece of tape it. Spray the color on the jar and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. (always use color spray paint in an open or ventilated environment). Check if the paint is dry then remove the lace. Add a ribbon to the lid of the jar make a bow tie or tie a knot. And voila!! Masterpiece is done, now it’s time to showcase it for everyone to see and appreciate your skill set.

decor 2


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