Keep your blush game strong!

To get the perfect flushed look you ladies have to master some techniques which are secret to a successful look, I learned them too, without it I was a disaster just waiting to happen.

1. Don’t apply too much

 Cheekbone area is already a focused part of your face, don’t put lots of layers of colour on to it. Always remember adding more is much easier then to remove extra. So ladies, go slow and steady to see the difference.

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2. The trick for application

Getting to know the right place to put a beautiful colour, you first need to “colour inside the lines”. Remember in Kindergarten we were told the same thing, well a lesson you should learn. When applying you never want to apply blush so high up past your temple that it reaches your hairline. Same goes for the temples of your cheeks, don’t apply blush too low either. You shouldn’t go past the apples of your cheeks.

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3. Blending

Blending will help you every step of the way, not at all forget it. It is the final stage you go through. Don’t leave those harsh patches of colour unattended, to make it more natural just keep blending until you get to what you desire!

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4. Product that you are using

Depending on your type of formula it is really important to know how to create a more natural look with each one, be it powder, cream or tint.

  • Powder: I prefer using it. Why? Because it can be used by any skin type and I don’t have to use a load of product just to match my skin tone.
  • Cream blush:  They work great for dry skin, but for other types it’s a hectic to go through every time you apply it.
  • Tint: what I think about tint blushes are they are best used by professional because it you work fast with it or it dries too fast.

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5. Right tools for right flush

The type of brush you use makes a lot of difference; everything is made for something that is why for an ideal flushed look. Use a blush brush, a basic powder blush brush has long fluffy bristles. This is smooth and soft and will perfectly blend those cheeks as a baby’s cheek.

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6. Choosing the right shade

Most important of all is to choose what suits you and your skin tone. Not every colour is flattering at all. But lucky for you here are some references you can look at. No matter what you pick I know you can rock that look.

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