Drinking water should be the first thing you do in the morning


Water is essential to life, and your body needs it to function properly.

One trending idea suggests that if you want to be healthier, you should drink water first thing in the morning.

However, you may wonder whether the time of day really makes a difference when it comes to hydration.

Water is Essential to your Body

About 60% of your body is comprised of water. Water is an essential nutrient, and all organs and tissues in your body depend on it to function. Since your body loses water regularly, you need to compensate for these losses to avoid dehydration.

Claims about drinking water on an empty stomach

Some people claim that drinking water first thing in the morning offers health benefits beyond those associated with drinking it at other times of the day. Here are some Popular claims.

Claim 1: Drinking water right after you wake up helps dehydrate your body
Claim 2: A glass of water before breakfast reduces your calorie intake throughout the day
Claim 3: Drinking water in the morning increases weight loss
Claim 4: Drinking water upon waking improves mental performance
Claim 5: Drinking water first thing in the morning helps ‘eliminate toxins’ and improves skin health
Claim 6: It’s best to drink hot water in the morning
Claim 7: A glass of cold water in the morning jump-starts your metabolism

Drinking water provides numerous health benefits — whether it’s hot or cold. However, drinking it first thing in the morning doesn’t seem to increase its health effects.


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