Elvis Presley Is Alive – Truth or Delusion?

Elvis at the o2 … 2014 …Elvis Presley

When someone dies and you bury them, it is impossible to bring him/her back to life. But, if someone tells you that the body has been stolen, first you might wonder why and secondly you would assume that the death was a deliberate attempt to get famous or some kind of a escape.

Well, rumour has it that our very famous King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley is still alive and has been sighted in Graceland, where he was actually buried in August 1977. Such conspiracy theories aren’t to be believed but, you can’t even deny the fact that there was an attempt to steal his body back then.

This video was released on Youtube earlier this month of a groundsman in Graceland which is said to be the real Elvis. Certainly not everyone will accept this fact that the man in the video is him, but most of them are judging him right because of his walk and the “V” sign that he showed in the camera.


There are more theories regarding Elvis that he used to spell is name ELVIS ARON PRESLEY but on his tombstone it is written ELVIS AARON PRESLEY, with which he himself is telling his loyal fans that he is not buried under.

Well what to believe and what not to believe! I believe it was good for him that he faked his death to find some inner peace, but left behind his beautiful memories for his fans.



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