Everything was planned. Yes, Planned!



According to our investigation, the creative person who is the mastermind behind the idea of creating the Ad of ‘Nargis Fakhri‘ which was printed on the front page of the leading Urdu Newspaper of Pakistan, where she’s lying in a Red fitted top in which her body is exposed and seems like she’s trying to seduce everyone by her looks. This Anonymous person mentioned that everything was planned and it was being done intentionally to create a hype and publicity in two ways, first to appeal people by her seductive looks and secondly to create a hype by negative publicity (as it is everywhere on social media like a fire). You must have heard the famous Urdu saying Badnaam na howe tu kya naam howa, Huh! The cheap old strategy.

Anyways, I think in both the cases the strategy has bounced back because the people of Pakistan are now more sensible and they know what kind of content would be appropriate.
The Civil Society of Pakistan and The Senior Journalists including a large number of people have condemned by calling the advertisement ‘cheap and absurd‘. After the statement of Nargis Fakhri, I got shocked that she also condemned it and she didn’t even know that it would be portrayed like this.
In my personal opinion this kind of ad or content will not be catchy or appealing in any way, so Mr XYZ, Creative Agency and XYZ brand, be careful next time, exposing women is not a good idea for brand building or selling. It would not be tolerated next time. Think before you act! I repeat, think again!


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