Why we spend more on our daughter’s marriage than on her education.


Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. But I’m happy trend is now changing people of Pakistan even illiterate people are considering education as one’s important part of life & they are trying to educate their kids. Dowry is a burden for every father either rich or poor, have you ever thought what the need is for dowry? Our people give importance to dowry for their daughters more than education they think expensive & too much dowry can give them respect but a big No! Respect is earned by good character & education. This is insane, educate a girl! Give her a bright future. A Muslim father does not have to bother for dowry, as there is nothing called ‘Dowry’ in Islam. On the contrary, Islam enjoins the groom to give a ‘Bridal-Gift’ or ‘Dower’ as a token of love and assurance to his would be wife at the time of marriage. In fact without payment of this sum, the marriage cannot get solemnized. The Holy Qur’an instructs the believers “And gives the women (whom you marry) their dower (obligatory bridal gift) happily”

The example of such a simple marriage was set up by none other than the Prophet (P.B.U.H) himself. He got his daughters married in the simplest possible manner. There was nothing in it whatsoever for the bridegroom that could be termed as dowry. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said: “The best of the marriages is one which is least burdensome in the financial sense to the families of the bride and the groom”

Women which are the 51% on the country population have been forced to just bear children for their husband and remain within their houses. Parents favor the education of their sons over their daughters because they think that boys are the future earning hands of their family while girls education is not necessarily desirable, which is completely wrong approach. Have you ever thought if the guardian (male) of house dies & the boy of the house is too young to earn what will happen? So do not give importance to dowry over education, if a girl is educated she can purchase everything she needs by herself she can help out & support her family.

Indeed! Pakistan will become a developed country when we spend more on our daughter’s education than on her marriage.


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