An exclusive tête-à-tête with a woman of many talents – Frieha Altaf

An exclusive tête-à-tête with a woman of many talents - Frieha Altaf

Frieha Altaf – The goddess of event management & fashion industry has finally stepped again into the booming world of films and movies. Owing to her recent and upcoming project “Wajood’, in which she will be seen sharing the space with some amazing actors on big screen, FHM Pakistan had an exclusive discussion with a woman of multiple talents – Frieha Altaf.

An exclusive tête-à-tête with a woman of many talents - Frieha Altaf

From fashion to films, how did this transition happen?

It’s not just me who joined film industry after becoming a part of fashion industry, as most of our models are already acting in films and this is why it became hard to find trained faces for the recent fashion week.

I would say I made a comeback to acting after 25 years. I studied theater in college and theater is my love and this is the reason I can direct shows – because it’s definitely my thing.  I started acting in 1986, nearly 31 years ago, with a Noel Coward play of Sohail Malik in FTC. After that in 87, I did 2-3 other projects for Television including Haseena Moin’s Kohar which was a mini serial with Marina Khan and Shakeel. Then I did Miss Rosy with Moin Akhtar, which was directed by Saira Kazmi and it was a huge success.  I did studio Dhai which was a comic play with Anwar Maqsood and Moin Akhtar. I also hosted Lux Style Ki Duniya for two seasons and it was a big show of that time. So I have always been involved in production, this is why Catwalk is not just an event company, it’s a production company. Everything we do goes on TV.

How is your recent acting experience? Tell us about your upcoming movie Wajood?

Wajood is not a different experience from the previous projects that I have already done; it’s so easy compared to what I regularly do. Directing a show is absolutely difficult because there are no retakes. When you are acting, you’re treated like a star, they pamper you and you look beautiful; you just have to give the expressions. I did a cameo in Lahore say Aagay and I was playing myself in the film so it was way too easy, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. In Wajood I am playing mother of the lead so I am actually playing my age. It was quite an easy role as I am playing a glamorous funny woman, I love comedy and I am really good at it.

How does it feel to share the screen with the movie industry legends? How is your relationship with all?

I find it very tacky that SRK, Salman and Akshay Kumar are playing heroes in this age, I am playing against Nadeem Sahab and I remember I was three years old when he did his first film. There’s a huge age gap between us and this is what we have portrayed in the movie.

I already knew most of the cast members before. However, it is the first time that I am working with Danish Taimoor. He is an absolutely amazing actor, very good looking and there are some new stars as well. So it feels really good to share the screen with all the veteran actors, as it becomes extremely easy to portray your role.

You are playing Danish’s mother in the movie, how can you describe your real-life relationship with children?

My children are like my friends because I am a very different type of mother. I never stop them in being themselves, I have always pushed them to pursue their own choice. My son loves music, I encouraged him and sent him to Amsterdam to learn the skills and ‘Chain Smokers’ liked his music which is really good.

What are your expectations from the movie? How do you keep balance in your busy schedule?

Sometimes I feel tired because managing a lot of things at one time gets a little hectic, but one has to keep going. I am expecting a lot from the movie but the interesting part is that I don’t know the whole story yet, I only know my part because they didn’t want it out. But apparently there’s a huge twist in the whole story because half way through the movie it seems like a happy ending, but after climax the whole story changes upside down and for that specific spell we are going to shoot in Turkey. Being an all-rounder, I and my whole team enjoy what we do.

You have always set new trends in the industry, are you also going to introduce something new to the movie industry?

Once I’ll learn then I will definitely produce a movie on my own because that’s what I am good at it. For now, I don’t have any ambitions, I would like to do challenging roles because I think the real acting is where you can cry, laugh and shout and a lot of people can’t do that. Everybody wants to be glamorous and at times its good but I’d like to do good characters.

What other projects do you have in store for us?

Most of the people think that this is the only movie project that I am involved in but it’s not like that, we are pre-occupied with a lot of things at once. We are creative consultants for Punjab Nahi Jaoungi and Mehrunisa We Lub You, we have done props and costumes for both films. In Wajood we are doing online production and location, so we are working behind the scenes also and further plan to continue this for other projects too.

We did a film festival in New York, because I think film is the future. May be they are not that good but they will get on the level we expect to go international. Few of the movies that we have already released are tremendous, and I loved watching them.

Any message for FHM Pakistan readers, aspiring to watch good Pakistani movies?

Please judge less and encourage our film makers. This year we have 36 films and I think this is an achievement in itself; the industry is creating a lot of employment as well. So watch films and support legal content, it will definitely take time to reach where other industries are, but we will be able to reach that mark if we keep on supporting our local productions.

Here are some exclusive pictures of the cast:

An exclusive tête-à-tête with a woman of many talents - Frieha Altaf An exclusive tête-à-tête with a woman of many talents - Frieha Altaf An exclusive tête-à-tête with a woman of many talents - Frieha Altaf An exclusive tête-à-tête with a woman of many talents - Frieha Altaf


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