Eyeglasses trends 2017: what to wear?

When it comes to eyeglasses we’re witnessing one of the best fashion and utility combos ever. Most people these days need glasses to function better. Hello short-sighted me and half the people I know. But eyewear has come a long way from being just that – glasses we use to see better. They’re fashion, they’re polished, they’re cool, they’re funky, and they come in so many designs to match each and everyone’s personal style, it’s fantastic. Shopping for a pair of great spectacles these days is a lot of fun.

The retro designs are still going strong. Thick rims are in, with a more wide variety of shapes, not just the classic ‘Mad Man’ inspired black wayfarers thick rimmed spectacles. You know those retro tinier frames Johnny Depp is always wearing, as if he’s always poking his head from behind some novel or newspaper? Yes, those are the ones. They’re the perfect marriage of retro, and boho, and intellectual, and funky, and cool, and fashion, and geek, much like that guy I was telling you about in the beginning.

Thick rims look amazing on all designs, and because of that we’re witnessing a rise in the massive rims as well, those 70s inspired ones that Ryan Gossling had on in his ‘All good things’ movie.

Women are blessed with the same styles + a huge variety of cat-eye inspired eyewear, of even bolder colours, and a redesign of the thin rimmed glasses that 70s French girls used to wear. Think retro shape in those 90s thin metallic rims. All in all it’s a celebration of ALL is IN, with a penchant for bold Colour and more classic geek rims. Which I think is fantastic.

This is precisely what I loved about this eyewear brand – Express Glasses that they have the most beautiful spectacles in terms of Colour and texture and a huge variety of retro rims that fit so many styles and looks it’s insane.

I am totally in love with the red rimmed thick glasses right now, and a pair of brown retro Johnny Depp inspired ones.




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