Things everybody should know how to do!!

Never underestimate the importance of being prepared for an emergency. you never know when is that time of the year for that you should at least know what to do along with how to do. In this list you will find all the skills you need to be self reliant in as well as emergency related skills.

1. You should know how to cook an egg (correctly!)

Too many people are ruining breakfast by mucking this up. come on people it’s time to learn the right way of doing this. Runny or under cooked eggs are not only bad for your taste buds, but it could also increase your chances of getting salmonella.

  2. You should know how to perform CPR.

Do you want to save a life? 70 percent of people feel helpless during a cardiac emergency, and here is another surprising statistic, the life you save is most likely the life of someone you love, because 4 out of 5 cardiac arrests occur at home.

3. You should know how to dress properly.

First impressions are important. Dressing to impress means being tidy, up to date on fashion, looking as professional as you can, dressing for your body, and if you are advanced, bringing some personality into it.

4. You should know how to negotiate.

Good negotiation skills can save you a ton of money. These skills can also get you that raise at your job you’ve been dreaming about. If you know how to negotiate properly, it means you’re holding all the cards and you’re prepared to battle it out.

5. You should know how to make money (without a job.)

Jobs and paychecks are not the only way to earn money. There are many entrepreneurs out there who know this, but there are just as many people who are wondering how it’s done while slaving away at jobs. There is another way, and it’s not magic, or the lottery. It’s determination, investing in your own education, and lots of sweat. And it’s definitely possible. Instead of plopping down in front of the t.v. after work, set some time aside to learns something and build up your educational and entrepreneurial skills.

6. You should know how to crowd-source opinions from your facebook friends…
Where do you think I got most of the ideas for this article? ^_^


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