“My family is very secular and has equal respect for all religions” – Rishi Kapoor

"My family is very secular and has equal respect for all religions" - Rishi Kapoor

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor says his family has always been “very secular” and has equal respect for all religions.

The actor who is known for posting honest opinions on social media, was now reacting to posts by users on Twitter.

One read, “If you have such a hatred to Muslims. Why you all Indians go to all big Muslim countries to work and mint money. You hypocrites.”


Another user replied to this post stating, “What makes you think RK has a hatred for Muslims? What has compelled you to make this deduction?”


After which Rishi tweeted, “This allegation is very false and hurtful. Our family has always been very secular and have equal respect and admiration for all religions.”


He exactly know how and when to turn things around. Rishi Kapoor is one clever person.


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