Much hate for India! and it is justified! How?

Pakistan doesn’t believe in words but actions. Pakistani doesn’t believe in hate but respect. After all the controversy, we will still with held the pressure you put on us. We will show you how its done despite  misplaced national pride, or Kashmir. In the past few months I have seen so much provincialism,detestation and enmity being thrown at Pakistani’s from our very talented neighbors that for once I would like to rub our cricket win in their faces. I still have tremendous faith in the 1 billion across the boarder when it comes to peace and believe at a good side but we Pakistanis are totally done with your bullying, your prejudice national leadership and your war-mongering media. we understand and recognize our failings, but about time you took a long, hard look at yourself, dear neighbor. Really looking forward to a renewed ban on Pakistani artists, a crying pleading Karan johar and deafening silence of your masses while regional political leaderships spew hate. you just beat us in this department for sure. Pakistan is still going strong, no one can break us. Just when your filthy thoughts touch us, we will rub it back on you with love and respect.

Just when we were going to let ourselves settle with tranquility, Indians chose to bash Pakistan with negativity and suppression. But Indians, Apologies for politicizing the game but there are very few things in this day and age that are political. and an India-Pakistan game has always been the real political.
Why do you think our elders gave their lives for an Islamic state? If we didn’t have any “Difference” we never would’ve sacrificed EVERYTHING for the sake of our own homeland.
We can never be the same .It’s like comparing an apple with an orange. I’m actually amazed that you don’t see a difference between your countrymen and Pakistan.

In the end, Pakistan will always be happy to extend a hand to your country cause for us our neighbors are pride until they serve us with self respect.


FHM Pakistan

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