Famous Food Spots All The Karachiites Must Need To Know!


All the foodies out there this article is especially for you guys. Karachi is majorly known for 2 things. Firstly having variations of food from all around the world and different ethnicity. When talking about spices and recipes we are best at it. There is a list of places here you can find amazing food varieties but following places are something you shouldn’t miss.

1: Meat the cheese: This place is mostly known for cheesy food like burgers, pastas, steaks and fries.

2: Moukata: They are best at customizing your orders according to your desire. they have wide variety of wraps, steaks and burgers.

3: Okra: This place is majorly known for fancy dishes. Like Italian and french cuisine. It is one of the most finest dine in place to spend the time with your loved ones for any occasion.

4: Pompie: Pompie has wide range of Italian food and majorly known for great ambiance and service. If you are looking for a perfect night dinner with anyone special this is the place to be.

5: Sakura: If you are a sushi lover then it is a must try place for you.



Isra Shams

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