Fans react to new PSL 6 anthem on social media: Groove Mera


The highly anticipated event of the year, the Pakistan Super League (PSL), is just around the corner and will go live from the 20th of February. Perhaps, one of the most exciting parts about PSL is its anthem and every year, the anthem is subjected to the love it receives but not without a little backlash from the audience.

This year’s anthem ‘Groove Mera’ features three extremely talented and renowned artists, Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig and Young Stunners. The anthem is very different than its previous editions and here is what people have to say about it across different social media platforms:


Fans also love how artists from different musical backgrounds and genres have come together for this anthem and have created something unique and enjoyable!











Naseebo Lal and Aima Baig, being the leading ladies of the anthem, have also attracted a lot of attention!


The audience has given honest and detailed reviews on how they liked the anthem. All in all, with the amount of effort and the diversity of talent put into this anthem, there is no denying that the track is catchy and fans will soon start singing along to the groove.


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