FHM: Tell us about your success journey?
My success journey was life changing, tough and thrilling.

FHM: What has been your favourite work till date?
Can’t name one. Every single project that I have done is close to my heart.

FHM: From where do you get inspiration for your songs?
Inspiration for my songs, come from life.

FHM: Do you ever get shy in front of the camera?
Never been shy.

FHM: Was acting something you wanted to do or it just happened by chance?
I always thought I would never step into acting but somehow when I did my first project, I realized that I wanted to continue doing it.

FHM: What is the best thing about being a singer and an actor?
You are loved by your fans and have a chance to make them proud.

FHM: How would you define the difference between Farhan Saeed 13 years back and now?
Well, still the same at heart. More mature, of course, serious in life but with definitely have bigger goals.


FHM: What made you decide to pursue your profession as a solo artist?
When you work as a team, there comes a time or certain circumstances which force you to think if it can be continued like this or not. In my case I thought I was restricted of doing great things which I could do solo. In a band you have to take care of a lot of things and limit yourself, which I thought wasn’t possible anymore.

I was able to do a lot more after I came solo such as, music which was close to my heart and acting of course.

FHM: What do you think of the evolution of Pakistan’s music industry?
Pakistan’s music industry is the one thing that entire Pakistan should be proud of. One industry which has never been supported, never had any government support and even had to face religious challenges, but the people associated with it just doesn’t know how to give up. Our music industry stays in mainstream and has taken Pakistan’s name into the global industry. In coming years I think it will make Pakistan prouder than ever.

FHM: Are you currently working on something to inspire young musicians and to keep the industry alive and kicking?
Absolutely, I don’t take more than 3 months to come out with a new music video. I am working on new songs all the time, new collaborations, and Bollywood ventures. Basically, I do whatever it takes to serve music Industry of Pakistan and my fans.

FHM: Tell us about your collaboration with Richie Rich?
I met Richie in Mumbai. We hit the studios, made 2 songs in 2 days, which was quite impressive. I loved working with him and we all are looking forward to come up with something good which our fans would like.

FHM: You have gain popularity not only in Pakistan but in India as well. How are you keeping balance of back to back shows in both countries?
It’s tough, specially the travelling part. But my management keeps a check and makes sure we don’t ignore fans from anywhere. There are days, when one day I am performing in Delhi and next in Peshawar. So yeah we are always trying our best to be everywhere we can.

FHM: Do you have any plans of working in Bollywood; be it music or acting?
I have already given couple of songs to Bollywood, few more are in pipeline. As for acting, I have really started enjoying acting so you never know if you see me in more ventures, could be Bollywood too.

FHM: You have won awards internationally and recently have been nominated for Big Apple music awards, Dubai. How do you feel about representing your country, internationally?
Always feels good to represent Pakistan anywhere in the world. Just makes me so proud that I am doing something for my motherland. I cannot be more satisfied.

FHM: Any messages to your fans and aspiring singers?
For fans, a lot of love and big shout out for always standing by my side and support me. For all aspiring singers; be unique, don’t follow and believe in you. Peace.




FHM: Favourite Actor?
FS: Tom Hanks and Amir Khan

FHM: Favourite film?
FS: Cast Away and Interstellar

FHM: Are you a foodie?
FS: Used to be.

FHM: Your Fitness Mantra?
Eat right and workout.

Favourite holiday destination?

Place you have recently visited?

Place you wish to visit?
Bermuda Triangle

What would you choose Hollywood or Bollywood?

Favourite Designer?
Almost every Pakistani designer. They are doing great.

Aqua De Geo by George Armani

Favourite color?

Favourite co-star?
Iman Ali

Favourite Instrument?
Flute and Tabla

Craziest fan story?
Too many to pen down.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Favourite Photographer?
Abdullah Haris

If you wouldn’t have been in this industry, where would you have been?
Never thought of being anything else than an artist.

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