How fashion defines individuality




What defines fashion?  What is that one perfect outfit that you want to put on once you head out?  What is chic for you?  What is that one thing that makes you look excellent?  I am sure all of us must have thought about it and then dangle ourselves into something to regret later.  Fashion for me is anything that you are comfortable with, anything that makes you look good. It is a style that your eyes appeal and a trend you want to wear.

Don’t go around asking people if they think you look good because sometimes their preference of clothing will be dissimilar than what you want to wear. Every person has a unique sense of groove; some like to wear eastern while some enjoy wearing western. Some like to wear latest trends whereas others are contented in following with whatever they liked earlier. For me, it’s about a matter of choice. It’s about how you can carry yourself.

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I have seen people being draped into clothes that they don’t like resulting in them not able to carry it up properly. They linger out for a cry of help. In my opinion, people will always dislike something and like the other. They will sometimes just chose a design for the sake of it being liked by majority whereas to my thinking it should be about the individuality that a person posses. It should be about the sense of style, it can be anything reflecting YOUR individuality as it speaks volume for you. At the end of the day, you will be the one asking yourself if you liked the way you dressed up for the event. For everyone, the definition of being dolled up is different!



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