“KKW Beauty” make-up by Kim Kardashian

The Maestro of contour, Kim Kardashian has Launched her makeup line and girls are going crazy about it!

Kim Kardashian West has been influenced by her younger sibling Kylie Jenner who is one of the biggest yet youngest entrepreneur for having one of the most famous makeup brand “Kylie Cosmetics” who cashed her famous name into business.

Kim has launched “KKW BEAUTY” brand recently, it has mixed reviews on the internet because of the less quantity and expensive price but good quality. 

I wish to see more quantity in that tiny packaging because the idea of this contour has been done way before so there’s a need of more customization. although the packaging is very nice and Kim.k

Looking forward for more products because hands down to the luxe quality. 


Hanish Qureshi

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